Mission Statement

Our Mission is to become recognised as a leading supplier of desalinated water throughout the Caribbean.

The Desalination Company of Trinidad and Tobago

The Desalination Company of Trinidad and Tobago (DESALCOTT) is a single purpose entity originally formed in 1999 to sell desalinated sea water to the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) on a build own operate basis.  Desalcott has the total responsibility to design, build, finance and operate the US$200,000,000.00 desalination plant. 

Desalcott was a joint venture enterprise between Trinidadian company Hafeez Karamath Engineering Services Limited (HKESL) with a 60% shareholding and General Electric (who acquired the shareholding of the other original investor, Ionics Inc. in 2005) a USA based company with a 40% shareholding. In November 2012, HKESL purchased General Electric’s entire shareholding making DesalCoTT 100% locally owned and operated.

In November 2012 Desalcott was contracted by WASA to increase its production from 24 million imperial gallons of water per day (MIGD) to 40 MIGD.



In order to construct the desalination plant, the original investors, HKESL and Ionics Inc, contributed US$20,000,000.00 in equity. In 2000, Republic Bank Limited through the Republic Finance and Merchant Bank (Fincor) provided bridge financing for the construction of the desalination plant.  Long term financing came into place during 2003.

In 2012, First Citizens Bank Limited provided the financing to facilitate the acquisition of General Electric’s shareholding and allow for the expansion of Desalcott. This was done with the co-operation of and in co-ordination with Republic Bank Limited and Fincor.


Water Sale Agreement with WASA

In 1999, WASA contracted with Desalcott to purchase 109,090 cubic meters (24 MIGD) of water per day for a period of 20 years. The primary market for the water produced by Desalcott was the Point Lisas Industrial Estate tenants who required a higher quality of water in order to efficiently carry out their operations. Water in excess of that required for the Point Lisas Industrial Estate was to be used by WASA to supplement its supply to residents of south Trinidad.
In November 2012 an Amended Water Sale Agreement was signed with WASA for Desalcott to expand its plant to produce 40 MIGD. This expansion is expected to be constructed incrementally over a 13 month period with deliveries of water increasing over this period up to 40 MIGD by December 2013. This increased supply of water is expected to allow WASA to further supplement its supply of potable water to residents and businesses in south Trinidad.




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