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Excellence​, Integrity & Accountability, Respect​. These are the core values that guide our mission and vision.


About Us

Desalcott Office

Desalcott is a subsidiary of the HK Group of Companies, which has successfully pioneered EPC projects for over 40 years.

The desalination plant was conceptualized to address water scarcity problems for a booming oil & gas industrial sector concurrent with residential requirements of urbanization.

R&D innovations have become a focal point of the operations as the plant addresses the challenges of sustainable development compounded with climatic changes; design raw water quality has undergone a metamorphosis with unprecedented surges in bacteria, algae, organics and other nutrients from the Amazon-Orinoco Basin/Gulf-of-Paria.

Desalcott utilizes its ability to re-engineer the plant when conditions change through debottlenecking, re-tooling and optimization to maintain sustainability of supply.

Desalcott has a state of the art Research & Development facility with the latest technology to ensure continuous improvement in plant operations.

Our Mission

DESALCOTT’s mission is predicated on using our proven 40 years of excellence with diverse multi-sectoral expertise & experience to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility of care to nature and fellow mankind.

Our Vision

“To provide fundamental human rights services with excellence respecting the dignity of mankind​”

Right to water ​

Proven success with excellence in delivery 250 billions gallons of water in one of our flagship project​

Right to sanitation with wastewater services​

Proven success with excellence in environmentally sustainable technologies and solutions in our projects​

Right to shelter​

Proven success with excellence in opportunities for homes to fulfill dreams and build communities​

Our Charter

DESALCOTT’s Charter in Partnership with the​ Universal Declaration of Human Rights

International human rights law acknowledges everyone’s right to an adequate standard of living, which includes the right to adequate housing. Many international legal instruments protect the right to adequate housing, including: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 25)​

The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses.”

Access to adequate housing can be a precondition for the enjoyment of several human rights, including the rights to work, health, social security, vote, privacy or education.​

Corporate Philanthrophic Partnerships

Our Corporate Philanthropic partnerships are integral facets of our business DNA for excellence in fulfillment of our responsibility and duty to mankind in a discreet, dignified and respectful modus operandi.​

DESALCOTT has invested in charitable projects / trusts / endowments as well as “people” within the company and community, during challenging junctures in life as well as providing charitable opportunities for building dreams and futures as part of our corporate duty of nation building. ​

Traditionally, “water is considered one of the best forms of charity”​

A hallmark of our DNA is building the futures of children and young professionals with educational outreach and apprenticeship programmes.​

Collective Responsibility & Partnership

“We are all guardians who must value the Earth and all of nature with a duty and responsibility for its care”.​

“Tackling Global challenges requires everyone’s participation” – UN​​


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