Our Mission

DESALCOTT’s mission is predicated on using our proven 40 years of excellence with diverse multi-sectoral expertise & experience to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility of care to nature and fellow mankind.

Our Story

Desalcott Office

Desalcott is a subsidiary of the HK Group of Companies, which has successfully pioneered EPC projects for over 40 years.

The desalination plant was conceptualized to address water scarcity problems for a booming oil & gas industrial sector concurrent with residential requirements of urbanization.

R&D innovations have become a focal point of the operations as the plant addresses the challenges of sustainable development compounded with climatic changes; design raw water quality has undergone a metamorphosis with unprecedented surges in bacteria, algae, organics and other nutrients from the Amazon-Orinoco Basin/Gulf-of-Paria.

Desalcott utilizes its ability to re-engineer the plant when conditions change through debottlenecking, re-tooling and optimization to maintain sustainability of supply.

Desalcott has a state of the art Research & Development facility with the latest technology to ensure continuous improvement in plant operations.

Our Vision

“To provide fundamental human rights services with excellence respecting the dignity of mankind​”

Right to water ​

Proven success with excellence in delivery 250 billions gallons of water in one of our flagship project​

Right to sanitation with wastewater services​

Proven success with excellence in environmentally sustainable technologies and solutions in our projects​

Right to shelter​

Proven success with excellence in opportunities for homes to fulfill dreams and build communities​




Contract Awarded for Project


Construction / Commissioning Completed
First water delivered


GE buys Ionics Shares


100 Billion Gallons of Water delivered

Our Facility