The Point Lisas Desalination Plant​

A World Class Flagship Project in the Water Sector​


Our Approach

Desalcott Office

The Point Lisas Plant is based on a World Class Business Model of Excellence​​

Financial and Operational Model: 
Public / Private Partnership with BOOT ​

End Users:
Point Lisas Industrial Estate with Multi-national oil and gas industries as well as residential & commercial communities​

250 billion gallons of desalinated water​

Surpasses WHO drinking water quality standards​

98 % online supply time with 100 % attainment of quality standards​

Service Provider:
Largest supplier of desalination water in the Western Hemisphere (50 MIGD peak output)​

Continuous Development of Technology, Processes and Stakeholders (people)​.


National Water Scarcity​

The desalination plant was conceptualized to address water scarcity problems for a booming oil & gas industrial sector concurrent with residential requirements of urbanization.​


Latest Environmentally Sustainable Water Treatment and Desalination Technologies​​

  • R&D innovations have become a focal point of the operations as the plant addresses the challenges of sustainable development compounded with climatic changes; design raw water quality has undergone a metamorphosis with unprecedented surges in bacteria, algae, organics and other nutrients from the Amazon-Orinoco Basin/Gulf-of-Paria.​
  • Desalcott utilizes its ability to re-engineer the plant when conditions change through debottlenecking, re-tooling and optimization to maintain sustainability of supply. ​
  • Desalcott has state of the art Research & Development facilities to ensure continuous improvement in plant operations and sustainability of water supply. This is fundamental for plant optimization and production reliability. R&D enables application of the latest environmentally sustainable water treatment and desalination methods.​
  • Desalcott has the further ability to expand the plant as industrialization and urbanization of the country progresses.​


International Recognition of Environmental Stewardship with UNEP Sustainable Practices​ Care and Protection of Environment – Our Duty of Care of Nature​

Desalcott epitomizes providing positive social value with philanthropic causes and pioneering environmental conservation. With R&D from design to current operations, Desalcott has the 4R approach (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) as articulated by UNEP for water and energy conservation. Flora and fauna flourishes in Desalcott’s raw seawater, permeate, brine and sludge.​




Contract Awarded for Project


Construction / Commissioning Completed
First water delivered


GE buys Ionics Shares


100 Billion Gallons of Water delivered


HKESL buys GE shares to gain 100% ownership of Desalcott


Plant extended to 40 MIGD capacity


Microfiltration system constructed and commissioned


200 Billion Gallons of water delivered


250 Billion Gallons of water delivered